People Manager

People Manager

Manage all crucial personnel tasks. People Manager transforms...

Manage all crucial personnel tasks. People Manager transforms you into an HR professional who is prepared and organized. Protect your company from litigation and build employee confidence by keeping accurate records.

People Manager makes it easy to keep accurate personnel records and document actions like hiring, promotions, reviews and terminations. It reminds you about important events like benefits eligibility dates and gives you flexible options for tracking attendance and interfacing with your payroll service.

It's like having a full-time HR professional to centralize all your employee information, alert you to the significance of employee management issues and provide you with sound HR advice.

Automatically reminds you of crucial taks. oView daily to-do lists of employee-related tasks. oAutomatically document actions in employee records.

Flexible and accurate attendance trackingoAutomatically select, accrue and calculate time off by the week, month or year. oTrack leaves of absence, jury duty, military leave and more.

Supports top payroll servicesoCalculates normal payroll work hours. oExports time keeping data. oCalculates summaries of attendance data adjustments.

Store vital informationoCentralizes employee personnel data. oImports employee information and exports data for analysis. Provides sound HR adviceoFind context-sensitive advice.

People Manager


People Manager

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